2lo - Spring at Last

2lo April 2022 News

First of all sorry for the lateness of this update.

It has proved a busy period - but not that much to show on the website.

This is because the website is not the project and much that is happening is under wraps or confidential currently.

Anyways at least the weather is getting better and commonsense is slowly returning.

The damage particularly within mental health of lockdown policy is slowly becoming evident and plans on how to tackle it are slowly building.

We all know all the current issues that face us - so there is no reason to write them here.

During April/May I hope to get the practical work done here to allow filming and Dramania/Act4ward activity to begin.

I still have a few practical problems to resolve in particular to satisfy the project Young persons Safety Policy with the new working environment.

The project intake is set to be different from previously, with far fewer drama students and industry-led actors involved - except for commission work.

Because of the present financial climate costs have to be kept in check and many new and inexperienced actors are simply demanding to be paid when they don't have the skills to deliver. Gaining those skills is part of what the project

can provide, but paid work has to be be when the experience is there .

The aim of 2lo and it's core value is "communication" and this is a wide brief. Much of this work will never be seen online - but is still a vital component of the total work.

Broadcasting history, radio, BBC 100 all form part of 2lo.

I hope shortly to review and update the details of the project in detail now things are settling a bit.

With the sun shining and Spring in full pelt, we hopefully can look forward to a great Summer.

Have a Great Easter!


Take care


William David

With this Spring weather currently, there may be a temptation to sit in the garden and do nothing!

This must be resisted at all costs [ well I can try]

Hopefully, with James's help we can get the work done here sooner rather than later.

It is nearly 12 months since we started building the new LockDune Studio here, and 12 months since leaving The Station - time I think to get on with things!!

James D - 2lo