About 2lo

For those who know your history "2LO" was the second regular broadcast radio station begining transmissions on the 11th May 1922. It closed on March 9th 1930 to make way for the British Broadcasting Company.

So what has this to do with the work of William David? Probably not a lot but it's an interesting fact to know!

And as chance would have it this website goe's live on May 11th 2021.

2lo is infact the first major change since the start of Act4ward to my work @ William David so that's 5 years ago.

A lot of this change was unplanned but brought about by Covid resulting in lockdown and working from home.

During lockdown little to nothing could happen within Act4ward or Dramania and so everything came to a virtual holt.

Now with Summer fast approaching the cogs begin to turn again to start up almost from where we left off.

So now in 2021 everything changes - well not quite everything - but quite a lot. The main change is that of location, 

previously much of the work was done at "The Station".

I have now closed the Station office and all future work will be at a new central location plus location filming.

The video/filming aspect of project work is now the major activity backed up by photography and audio recording, script development and confidence building process. 

More details about all this will be in other sections - so look out for them.

Another major change will be the faces taking part ofcourse and the aim currently is to offer free options to be involved. There will be a blend of cast to continue to develop confidence and understanding with the current set age range of 16-25. 

The project InvisAble Me - put on hold last year will once again begin, as soon as things are running again.

More details will build within this website including applications to get involved.

In the meantime feel free to e.mail info2021@2lo.co.uk for futher information. 


With kindest regards,


Dave - William David                                                                          

                                                                        William David - March 2022

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