2lo is open to all who want to take part and meet the basic criteria.

For practical reasons, the project specializes in working with males and mixed groups.

However, there will be exceptions for particular castings so it is always worth getting in touch.

it is important that those with "invisible" special needs are not [unless by intent] identified as such.

For this reason, we aim for a mix of autistic and neurotypical participants to work together.

Anyone involved can play "against type" someones individual sexuality, lifestyle, personal gender recognition or mental health or indeed anything which may be personal to that individual is respected.

Acting is acting - character is character and the role someone plays is exactly that - a role.

It is important to the work that no one feels uncomfortable or concerned, or intimidated, bullied.

Drama is to be enjoyed and constructive.

It is designed to build up personal self-confidence and understanding whether working solo or as a group.

"Time out" breaks will be respected and anyone taking part should feel able to speak out with any worries or concerns at any point.

Everyone is different so the approach towards the work is kept adaptable - that's what makes it unique.

Also, everyone is equal - working together with no prejudice or distinction.

One point however to remember - keep an open mind. Some of the characters and scripts are set in the past where attitudes may be different to today. Things like the act of smoking, verbal and actual prejudice of all kinds may be accurate to that period and may be important to the being performed.

Once again remember as an actor you play a character, often very different to yourself and your attitudes - this will be reflected in your work here.

Any concerns about a proposed character will be listened to and taken into account, with no one being forced to take part in any drama they do not feel is right for them.

All Mixed Up - The Right Mix