Multi Media Projects from William David



Dramania is about using drama to build up personal confidence and have fun in the process.

It presumes no previous experience and moves at an individual's pace.

Group activity will ensure a happy mix to keep everything enjoyable for everyone.

It will include filming, photography, and practical technique.

Act4ward is set for those with some experience of drama, be it at school or as actors/performers.

its level on an individual basis is set according to the experience of those taking part and their aspirations in regards to acting and performance as a career. It includes filming, photography, and audio recording.

Also encourages scene writing and script development and filmmaking in a simple informal atmosphere.  Regular crossover between Dramania and Act4ward is likely. 

Autism & Special Needs defined within projects

The creative arts and creative industries are a positive place with a wide population of very talented people bonded in common not just with their creativity but also by being within the autistic spectrum.

Their unique autistic-powered creative brain gives them the very talent that makes them good in their chosen field. Autism can be seen in a positive light - it is not an illness or a disability in the strictest sense - it is a whole different world of thinking and acting - which once self-understood can actually be a very powerful personal asset.

This is not to say that autism is like this for everyone. It can be cruel, it can be extreme.

However, this is not for discussion here, where our interest is how to work on Dramania, in particular, is set up to help those struggling within the spectrum, coming to terms with its implications and to advance and discover how it can become positive within the work.

Drama in particular is not only great fun but a great way to face life and all that it throws at you.

Along the way, those who are struggling with personal self-confidence, anxiety, or any one of the many aspects of being on the spectrum or struggling within personal mental health, will find that slowly things come together - and when it seems too hard we can stop - deal with the concern, give it time and move forward.

The point I am trying to make here is those struggling like this are not on their own - should not feel excluded and are very welcome to take part. If at any time you are unsure or concerned we can break and talk things through or give you "time out" if that's what you want.

Finally, some do not even know they are on the spectrum - just that life seems hard or not connecting. If this is you - rest assured time will be taken to help you come to terms with the revelation and put you on a stronger more confident footing.

Dramania has been set up to support all who take part - it is an integral part of its brief - but at the same time, it is set up to be enjoyable too. Any questions - feel free to ask them.

The planned InvisAble Me multi media project gained it's title from the many within the autistic spectrum who just felt they did not fit in and were most of the time invisible.

The fact that many are described as loner's is often due to a lack of understanding by both themselves and that of others around them. InvisAble Me is about building that understanding.