Getting Involved

From boys to men Luci & James have survived working with the project from the start of The Halfling Project

As I write this indications are that the remaining 2021 Corvid 19 lockdown restrictions will come to an end in July.

This is indeed good news as it means planning can now build on work here at 2lo.

Should you wish to become involved in Dramania or Act4ward - please make yourself known by e.mailing the address below.


As a guide to applications:- 

Dramania is for those who wish to try drama in front of the camera or microphone. You do not need any prior experience, just a keenness to take part. The work is either shot in Bedfordshire or on location.

The age range is normally 16-25 - younger applicants will require parental or guardian attendance - open to males and mixed groups. All work is set on an individual basis taking into account progression and potential.

An option to move over to Act4ward may be offered to extend progress options and advancement.

Act4ward to those with drama experience, are in drama training or as young working performers.

The work agenda takes into account the extra experience and has no set limitations in regard to the range of work.

Act4ward will also be used to cast for working on the InvisAble Me filming.


Young and low budget/new filmmakers/ script writers are invited to get into contact to discuss their work and see if 2lo can be involved or help in any way.


Stock mixed media castings:- In order to illustrate the work of 2lo, on the website or in articles etc - 2lo is looking for keen models/actors to work on a series of still and video work. This may be general or specific to an individual's talents in sport or activities. This work is also set to cover the brief of The halfling [UK] and this can be varied.

This can be on a time for or paid arrangement which is set on an individual basis.

This work begins early July with outside shoots and later with studio style work. Mixed media.


Behind the scenes of drama and filming:-

If your a young creative filming your story, making your film or a group of actors wanting too - then 2lo is on the look out to both film and follow new filmmaking with a docu style record of it's production or to talk to young actors about their acting and attitudes to drama for the 2lo website and project.

It's not easy finding the time and resources to make drama - if 2lo can help then get in touch.