Drama castings tend to be multimedia ie vision, sound, and photography.

The experience level for a casting will be indicated if applicable.

Remember many options do not ask for previous experience if you are willing to learn.

Most involve acting character parts often with improvisation. But this work is varied and flexible to current ability. Often you would be paired with another actor or a group.

Open to all within indicated playing age range. Under 18's must comply with young persons acting criteria of having parental/responsible person consent and shoot attendance.

Drama Casting.

Actor's photography castings are different as they are set to illustrate characterization and performance in addition to headshots and more general images.

The same may apply to sports shoots or any talent that reflects the participant's talents. Individual castings will outline details and age range.

Unless an experienced actor anyone starts with Dramania work which has limitations on content ie swearing or more adult themes.

Progressing to act4ward means that full range of acting within the work is an option censured only by decency and good taste.

James D is part of act4ward and is able to and willing to handle all that that requires. He began with The Halfling project with no drama exprience some 6 years ago.

Mixed media