Multi Media Projects from William David

                                                                                                                                                   to get away from real life or sometimes to face it head-on





Drama can be fantastic fun, and that crucially is the aim with Dramania.

It is not the same as "roleplay" which often is hated by those taking part.

Dramania is designed to give freedom to those taking part to play things as they wish - be involved in scene planning and practical aspects of production- even set things up or run the cameras.

Act4ward can go further with scripts and improvisation.

Drama is an excape from "being you" to anyone you want to be or the play requires.

You can dress up, act anyone you want and see the results.

Drama can build up your confidence and make you understand more about yourself and others.

With the informal approach of Dramania you can take control or take direction.

If you want to get involved out of sight of the camera you can do that to.

As a group activity everyone can feel involved but not pressured.

Act4ward takes things up a notch - as it often has acters working within it who are aiming to [or already are] working in the industry,

That's a hard game and so the script demands and acting character demands can be greater - but still informal.

Unlike acting school here we concentrate on acting without tons of theory.

Also it is just acting and presentation is various forms - in a very simple setup.

No dancing or singing required [unless you want to].

The purpose of 2lo work is to build personal self confidence and range - often those taking part in act4ward have moved on to formal drama training or working in the industry.

It is what you take from it - but remember have a good time - acting and drama is fun.