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Welcome to February and Freedom - 2 years after a "short lockdown" to save the NHS - we finally can look forward.

Projects and work put on hold can finally begin to build again - and it's time to get positive active and er productive!

A lot has changed in these two years - the project has a new location, a newly revised remit and it's almost like starting again.

So where do we begin?

The overall brief of the work is Communication - and each section within 2lo is built around this.

At this stage, it is going to be about bringing people into the work because without people there can be no project.

As we lead up to Spring I will provide detailed information of how to get involved and the aims and goals for the work.

Then we have 2lo/2lo Media - this is more an information and celebration lead work in particular Broadcasting and Media History in a year when the BBC celebrates its 100th year.

Those with long memories [and old age] may remember the BBC 70th Celebrations which I was fully involved in and it seems a good time to return to the subject. This said it will not all be BBC - the idea is to cover broadcast and printed media generally over the past century and keep the remit loose to cover the ultimate core brief of communication.

It is still early days in the work planning - but now with a more open future - that work can really begin.

Spring is on its way - have a great February.


Dave [William David]