Multi Media Projects from William David

Years End - Happy News Year?


As we approach the end of 2021 - probably the most horrible year for so many of us - we must look forward to 2022.

As I write this on December 27th we await a now delayed decision by Government in England to our future where the "irreversible end of the nation's lockdown" may go into forward drive to more restrictions on one's personal and business life.

This great unknown still means that forward planning is near impossible, and so all I can do at this point is explain what I hope can be achieved this coming year.


If the Government is to be taken at their word it does appear that freedom is likely to be restored with a sensible and practical policy of commonsense.

It is quite obvious that in most aspects of the work here - the encouragement or requirement of facemasks would limit how the project can work, [indeed they make more work!] - all be it many aspects of the work are under the exemption of the guidance.


The current planning presumes freedom but ers on the side of caution with major filming or drama projects until the situation becomes clearer.


I do however want to begin to build a new cast for this year working on the drama and practical multi media aspects as soon as possible. 


So let us stay positive for 2022 and get things moving.


Happy New Year!