They should look like you

In days gone by when even I was young, there was a strict code for Headshots, and the standards were maintained by Spotlight the actors face to the industry.

Now today I often get sent headshots with half the body and a plastic complexion - mostly colour.


The one thing in common most fail to do their job and often are out of focus or badly shot.


We do need to remember that the headshot is still important for actors, even in today's self-tape world.

It is important that it is treated as an information shot - so if you have a scar it should be on your headshot or within the set.


Light makeup is fine but over-the-top

photo image adjustment is not.

If you have an agent they will advise.

If however your not in the industry but still need headshots for your profile or social media then to a degree you can break the rules - use black and white or colour - go for style and so on.

By tradition, a headshot should have clear eyes and a neutral expression.

Clothing should not be too eye-catching and girls should avoid low tops and lads shirtless.

You will see these guidelines being broken all the time!

The images here do not represent industry-standard headshots - nowadays it's best to meet the client and see what suits their target audience.

Always take a look at a portfolio from the photographer you choose to ensure you get what you're looking for, and be aware that standards have dropped and careful selection is prudent.

If you simply want profile shots to introduce yourself then that is quite acceptable - times are changing and with it what people expect to see from you.

If in doubt always feel free to discuss it with me before shooting and we together can give you what you want and importantly need to move forward.