Multi Media Projects from William David

January News


Things seem to be looking up for us here in England as we enter 2022.

Thank goodness for that we cry - now we can plan and have a life!

The news this month, therefore, is looking on the bright side - the "LockDune" 2lo studio/office is ready to start work.

This means we can slowly move towards drama and practical work.

With this in mind, I need to find a few volunteers [or commissioned help] to build up and trial the new ventures this year.

The Halfling Project will slowly reinvent itself ready for the Spring - but will be quite different in many ways.

2lo obviously is a new venture - and incorporates Dramania and Act4ward - but in addition, will major on communication both practical and historic. This year is the 100th anniversary of the creation of the BBC and this will be marked within the project in many ways. Two new websites will link to this one and HisMastersVoice.UK - this being reintroduced after a longtime away!

As I set this all up more information will follow - but the truth is the plans are being made as we move closer hopefully to full freedom. Any reversal back to that dark past we have been experiencing will change which aspects of the work take priority.

The key Mission Statement is Communication with special emphasis on the "Invisible" conditions within or closely allied to Autism.

I hope to welcome many from this community - some of whom will probably have no idea they are even on the spectrum.

But importantly the practical projects must be open to all and not just a set sector.

This mix is crucial to avoid singling out or personalizing an individual or group.If you want to get involved contact me on:-