Modelling for the camera & artist

Modelling got itself a very poor reputation by the number of scam operations and dubious practices over the years.

Of course there are plenty of great agencies out there - but you need to be good to enter their books.

Many actors find it becomes part of the job for advertising and promotion work.

With the advent of social media a whole new market has developed where even those with no experience can make themselves known to photographers, and creatives.

It may be for art, it may be to sell something or all about fashion - if you enjoy posing there is a lot of opportunities out there - just be wary of potential scams along the way.

I am always happy to work with someone building a profile/portfolio.

As a photographer, I welcome applications to build up images in a safe environment with no scams.

Images are a major part of 2lo output of course.

Those new to working with the camera will learn many of the techniques which make you and your images stand out from the rest.

A stills photoshoot with William David requires no previous experience just the enthusiasm to take part and get results.

Life/Artist Modelling for artists and photographers can be posing for often long periods in costume or as body studies in various states of dress including nudity.

Sports photography and other interests can also offer modelling options - even in activities, you have little skills in!