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Project 2lo - it's about communication

Project 2lo will be quite different from previous William David work in some important areas. It reflects changes both within our public world and that personally.

Over my working career, the underlining root of nearly everything I have done is communication.

Communication in its many forms governs our daily lives. 

And communication will form a key building block to 2lo.

This will be outlined as the project moves forward.

It is important that despite sometimes dealing with serious life-changing issues within the project that overall it remains a positive even fun experience. This after all is why drama was introduced into The Halfling Project - it allowed help and understanding to those taking part without being clinical or oppressive.

2lo will also reflect my interests in all means of communication, be it broadcast, film, the written word, photography radio podcast - a very broad spectrum.

Time is being taken to map this out and make it practical, informative, and interesting. 

As it moves forward information will be provided and websites updated.

It will encourage participation in drama and filming as act4ward, or confidence-building and understanding via The Halfling Project 2021 and Dramania. 

My aim is not just to reflect my work but those involved too.

Much of this is similar to the past, but everything is being looked at to build on, improve or face up to mistakes made and resolve not to make them again.

The current ongoing pandemic measures limit what may be possible at the moment -  but let's remain positive and look forward to 2022

Updates will follow as the clouds pass and actual plans can be set with the confidence of completion.

In the meantime I wish everyone the very best for Christmas and the Holiday.

Take care.   D

The 2lo Lochdune Studio office nearing completion.