December 2022 - News..

Applications are invited for the Summer 2022 illustration series .

Well folks - we made it - as we approach the years end and Christmas is round the corner - we look forward to 2023!

No real news this month - it's very quiet as Decembers tend to be busy for me in many other ways.

The new year will mean "the new project" - 2lo - Sounds of Power.

This year we say goodbye to the old and in with the new.

The New Year will see new faces and a new agenda both on and offline.

Details of this are to follow - as they say.

It's also "goodbye" to our past regular actors Luci and James who have featured throughout this website.

Luci actually left the project after lockdown - but James returned this year.

However this is his last year and he has now left the project - after 7 years.!

Yes we have watched him grow up on the project.

Wishing James all the best for the future - he will be a hard act to follow - but I have every reason to be confident moving on.

No doubt he & Luci will on occassion still be seen from stock photographs on my work and on this website which is to remain for now in it's current form.

But for now have a great Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

The work will move to the new website in January.


Take care.


Dave [William David]