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July 10th - Restarting

News - July 2021

Unless he loses his nerve our Boris is about to let "us free" on July 19th. If this is indeed the case it is my hope to start things moving here and try to get some drama and filming done.

However, that is going to depend on finding a cast to work with as casting has not been possible during all this uncertainty.

I am not going to try to do too much too soon as that spells disaster - but it would certainly be good to get something filmed and acted this summer.

Charlie Says "I want to be free"

On the subject of casting - there are a range of options being looked at.

Remember it is open to all from the age of 16-25.

Younger may be accepted but must have parental/guardian acceptance and shoot attendance.

Options can be anything from drama to photoshoots.

If interested in knowing more get in touch and we can go from there.

Most shoots will be in or around Bedfordshire.

Casting Out