November 2022 - News..

Applications are invited for the Summer 2022 illustration series .

Phew - it's November - this year has been super busy and this is now the first chance I have to think about William David projects moving forward.

It is perhaps not surprising that the new work pulls widely from the BBC 100 history - but also integrates with Act4ward and Dramania.

The new work will have it's own website and it's own exclusive content.

The new project is called 2lo - Sounds of Power.

I will shortly give a  synopsis of the venture, and how it is possible to get involved.

In the meantime the picture above is actor Ollie who is involved in the early illustration work and project moving forward.

More details will feature shortly.

Another noteable birthday this month is that of Luci Blackmore who until 2020 featured in my work. He will be 22 and was around 14 when he started with The Halfling Project.

Wishing Luci a very Happy Birthday and future advancement.