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25th October 2021

October News

Happy 21st Birthday

To James D

October 25th see's the 21st Birthday of James D - whose contribution to my work is only to evident on this website.

Lockdown sadly caused a lot of plans not to happen, and also the project has ofcourse now relocated - so no new work from James [except helping out in moving] from The Station.

James lives very close to The Station, which means not so close now - but through the work these past few years he has grown up infront of the lens!

So Happy Birthday James . D

To celebrate James's 21st birthday I released on the day a never before shown "B Roll" video "I Have Nothing" performed by James with Luke Blackmore 2 years ago. This was very early work for them together, and a credit to them both.

                                            [Push the image for link to video]

The new shoot setup and office continues to build - a lot has changed even since this picture from about 3 weeks ago was taken. Now I have setup fast internet - added a sound system and a new A3 printer. Trouble is I have lots of other commitments currently so progress can seem slow.

Early tests are promising - the "dead" sound within the set is working well. It means there is no echo as it stands, thus leaving it to the final editing as to how you want the final audio atmosphere to sound. This is a massive advance from The Station. Of course, it will still be possible to change the acoustics by adding soft materials within the set.

At the moment the setup is a bit cluttered - this will change shortly as props and costumes will be stored outside the area  [ but within easy reach]

Press Image to see video "I've Got Nothing" after editing.