Multi Media Projects from William David

2nd September 2021

September News

When September Comes - well here it is - and at last, we are in the final phase of setting up the new local shoot venue here for 2lo and the office for the same and Halfling of course. Still awaiting the final work by the electrition [power is by a temporary cable currently] in the next few days - and then it's all ready. To be honest, I have been using it this past week - but it will be much better when it's all completed


Progress continues at the Lochdune Studio office. 

Firstly it has a name [see what I did there] - needed to call it something and secondly it now has it's own electricity supply so is all ready to go.

The walls have gained a few pictures and the smell of paint is fading at last.

Still to decide, given that by tradition I tend to close the drama work in October until March, as to how I am going to proceed work-wise.

I recently announced that The Halfling Project is going to reintroduce into my work for 2022 and this has practical implications in using my time to best effect.

The final decisions as to what work takes place during the winter will be dependent on those involved and of course all presuming the Government doesn't introduce a new set of restrictions for the winter.

Only time will tell.

17th September 2021

As everybody knows we have been living in strange times when future planning this past 16 months or so has been difficult, to say the least.

Earlier in the year, I decided to formally close The Halfling Project - after a year like no other - where it became difficult to continue with the support it required to operate. 

My decision was to make Halfling Uk an information-based website but to close one-to-one activity and support until such a time it could be provided fully. It must be admitted that it's closing was hard to do, and it seems near impossible.

With the easing of Government restrictions, I, therefore, have decided to relaunch The Halfling Project for 2022.

It will be redesigned for the world we have today, and quite different from the original project. More information will follow as we move forward later in the year.

18th September 2021

28th September 2021

The month nearly closed - progress continues and casting is now the next priority.

I am starting 2lo with a " new book" with an invitation that those who have worked with me before let me know if they wish to be involved.

It would certainly be useful for the early work, where the new setup will be on trial.

I remain unsure how much can be done now this year - but will keep all options open for now.

More information on casting will be in the October news section.