November News Page 2.

Luci Blackmore - Happy Birthday  21 - 28th November 2021

Luci Blackmore is today 21 - catching up with his acting partner  James D featured on the websites who was 21 last month.

Luci joined The Halfling Project almost at the start of The Station Office and then after The Halfling Project left the station joined Act4ward and continued working with me until I closed my work at The Station. 

Unlike James - who was local to The Station, and even now is a relative short drive away - Luci lives on The South Coast. And yet with the support of his family and his driver [ Geoff Blackmore - aka dad] he was a regular and committed contributor.

Putting James and Luci together, although polar opposites was one of the best decisions I made. It is sad that lockdown killed the planned work which was set to have been my first full-length drama "InvisAble Me". I think they would, together with other cast members have done it proud.

Luci Was already a Spotlight actor when he started work on the project - oddly that very nearly excluded him - as it rated him as a professional which at the time was not within the project casting process. However he did take part and it was obvious he was someone who could offer a lot to my work, and hopefully, I could offer help in return.

Now at 21 I join James in wishing him a very Happy Birthday and the very best for his 22nd year and beyond. 

Nearly December

Things are now moving forward rather well, and during December I hope to formally introduce my plans for 2022 and 2lo. I have also reintroduced an old Domain online HisMastersVoice.Uk although no original content yet. I actually want to keep the Domains grouped together and simplified - but at the same time where I own a Domain I may use it. In form I ran His Masters Voice for years about Vintage Wireless and Broadcasting as some may remember. I have also relaunched William David Uk - as Google was no longer picking up William David as a search lead. I admit I have tended to cross link from Act4ward these past couple of years - now I need to get things active again.

See you in December. D  28th November 2021.