Summer 2022 - August Castings.

Applications are invited for the Summer 2022 illustration series .
After a long 2 years of Lockdown we can now once again run a Summer Shoot Casting - August 2022

What happens at the first shoot?

You meet William David!!

We discuss plans for the day & get to know each other & the project

Stills Photoshoot

A pictorial guide

Video filming & Drama


The 2 Year Gap 

May 2020 @ The Station
May 2022 @ The LochDune Studio!

First read through - audio recording with Ed.

James D performs "Jackson" @ The Station for the first time.

Then 2 years later we use the same scene as the very first equipment - location test setup @ the Lochdune" studio.

[The buzz on the audio was rectfied on future takes]

As this was only a test we did not worry about James having a beard!!