The Difference between Dramania & Act4ward

In the beginning, there was The Halfling project and then later Act4ward was added.

This was because The Halfling Project had a lot of school aged participants and those with special needs who required a safe environment where careful attention is given to the drama work - ie being suitable for the age group without talking down to them

Most had little to no experience of drama outside school and some not even that.

When I closed The Halfling Project for drama it left a space and that is now filled by Dramania - Dramania is set for 16 + but younger may apply.

It will avoid adult themes and work on the principle that those taking part are there to have fun and may have no experience, or experience but a young age.

Act4ward is open to all and takes drama several steps further with no limits to what may be included [subject to decency constraints obviously]. These changes were made 2021

It can cover extreme subjects - encourage actors to progress towards their intended aims - which may be to train or work in the industry.

Act4ward is set to be a long term working arrangement, and those from Dramania may advance to Act4ward when they feel ready.

Act4ward also handles any major film projects - such as the InvisAble Me filming.

Whilst there are advised age ranges to Act4ward they are not set rigidly and age or sex should not preclude taking part.


During the first meeting assessment to work with 2lo I will advise where I believe the new actor would best be set.

Obviously if for a particular drama work mixed ages are required cast may be taken from either Dramania or Act4ward.

Former act4ward actors are always welcome to return if they wish.