Multi Media Projects from William David

The Web Soap

In the last few years the web soap opera has given aspiring film makers, director's actors and crew members a first footing into the whole film making process. Some are low budget single crew films through to high budget pilots and series.

You Tube is the key platform - but more and more Netflix and Amazon Prime are taking a keen interest and even commision.

This "foot in the door" approach to getting out there should not be undervalued whether working infront or behind the camera.

In 2017 Steve Farrel launched a new series drama called Our Town - on a small budget and with a often new to film drama cast.

Steve does everything from writing it to performing in it [he is the postman] operating the cameras and setting up the locations.

That's quite a task, and out of his efforts comes a drama to be proud of, and a drama which often gives opportunity for actors to move on into the acting world and career.

It is very easy to pick fault with low budget filming when it does not have the polish of the major producers - but that's not fair - the storylines are tight, the ambitions impressive and the end result entertaining. Things may be small scale, but not small in ambition or talent. It's impressive to see and I have been pleased that some actors I have worked with have been given the chance to take part as can be seen from the sample episodes on this page. Sadly Steve has not had need to cast a miserable old git yet - but maybe my chance will come!

Brews Talks - an independent interview with Steve Farrell

Actor Jonathan Thorp [Josh] has a expensive habit!

 Craig Bowen & James D - 2019

James D joins Craig again - March 2020

Our Town Behind The Scenes - short version.

Filmed by William David