Child & Young Persons Safety & Protection Policy.


    Section:- photography & imaging

William David [creator] and WildVen 2lo takes child protection interests very seriously.

In the UK a "child" is deemed as one under the age of 18 at the time of a photoshoot or video recording.

It is appreciated that many 17 year old participants find this somewhat annoying!! That said most parents are quite understanding of the potential embarrassment of having "mum/dad watching".

We don't ofcourse make the guidelines but I certainly do adhere by them.

So any under 18 must have appropriate consent [attendance] from a parent or acceptable adult under the terms of these guidelines.

It is the parents duty to discuss any concerns with me BEFORE the day of the shoot, unless those concerns occur during the meeting - reference's may be obtained from those I have previously worked with or by checking my feedback online.

Some photo/ video shoots within the work can make high demands on the subject - but will always be appropriate and decent, and age appropriate.

It should be remembered that in performance a wide range of scenario's can be presented, and in shoots where building up an individuals confidence is an important aim then taking an actor outside his/her comfort zone is quite usual.

Standard "child friendly" works such as Lord of the flies can result in a level of dressing down and acted out violence within boundaries of age and context.

Upon agreement to take part the parent and the performer [s] have agreed to reasonable range and image use online within the project, and the work of William David. Copyright is that of William David.

 No images would be used against the will of an individual participant for whatever reason.

Parents should note that modelling can make higher demands as an industry upon young models and this is reflected within shoots, but always discussed and shot within approved guidelines.

The current shoot location [2022] set up during lockdown is a self contained extension of the main house and other locations when used will be vetted and risk assessed accordingly.
Where other actors may become involved this will be advised and an option given to decline taking part in duo work or groups.
All persons working within the project will have been checked in regard to meeting safety and guidelines of the project.
Risk assessment is regular within the work both of those taking part and the conditions of working.
All work is covered by comprehensive Business insurance / personal and public liability.

If exceptions regarding these terms are requested they will be considered on an individual basis, but never compromise the principles above.

William David does not and never has shot "adult" related material.

This is a strong and consistent policy of my work.

Parents are invited to discuss any shoot or work planned between their child /children directly with William David.

If any doubts remains then the shoot should not go ahead.

Where a young person is subject to "limited hours" of taking part this will be adhered to, and a child may at anytime end the work if they feel tired or unhappy .

All this said I am pleased to report that the shoots undertaken have an excellent solid feedback with those taking part wanting to do more and find it a very enjoyable if tiring experience.

Should anyone at anytime working with myself feel uncomfortable or in anyway unhappy they should feel free to speak up without fear - I honestly do not want anyone to regret working on the 2lo projects or with William David.
William David meets enhanced DBS certification standards- but such certification is individual and I cannot apply for a certificate on behalf of others about myself. Should you wish to arrange a DBS enhanced report I will ensure all information is provided to allow for this.
2lo is however able to and holds a standard DBS certificate and may be requested in advance of any young persons meeting.

William David - June 2022

James D began with The Halfling project at 15 and is still working with 2lo - act4ward at 21. He has been a consistent and loyal part of the projects throughout. His work can be seen throughout this website.