The updating world of 2lo - The Blog


The first entry to this new blog which hopefully I will keep updated. 

So anyways welcome one and all - yesterday 11th May 2021 I officially closed down The halfling project after 6 years and opened 2lo.

Lockdown put a lot of pressure on The halfling project and it felt right to close it now, and move forward.

The website will continue - with an update - as an information website about Autism and allied matters. however i do not expect this to go live for sometime. 

The website will be known simply as Haldling.UK.

Also this month I formally move out of The Station. In truth I moved out months ago - and have not worked there for a year.

One of the resons to setup 2lo was to help remove the old location inormation for act4ward and the station.

Please ensure you delete the contact phone numbers starting 01525 which will end with the closure.

A new location closer to home is being setup and this information will follow as we get closer to our fuller freedom in June.

For now I slowly build up 2lo - but as it is not yest possible to shoot video and images for it - the current illustration comes from the last work complete featuring James D and Luci Blackmore.

I hope a whole new editorial will be completed during the summer.

In the meantime thank you for looking in.


Take care